- By Terry

Jordan and I met in 2003 when he came to work as an intern in my former studio, The Hive Creative Labs. 


Jordan lived about a 40 minute drive away from the The Hive and I remember my studio partners and I were equally amused and impressed that he often ended up asleep on the couch after a long day of assisting. We were still a basement recording studio at this time, but many great bands recorded there including Destroyer, Hot Hot Heat and Mecca Normal. 

It was a formative time for both of us - I had been producing all ages shows for many years and I teamed up with the Hive when I needed a live recording of a concert I did for the influential Washington DC band, Fugazi in 2001. The show turned out to be the last Canadian date Fugazi ever played and the recording is a very special document of that day. I eventually became a production manager for Sealed With A Kiss Presents… and Jordan was eventually given a bedroom at the Hive.


In 2004 my partners and I moved The Hive to a 3000 sq ft commercial building where I was studio manager until early 2010. The Hive became what Exclaim! Magazine called “Vancouver’s indie studio of choice” and “Vancouver Indie Music Mecca” by the CBC. During this time, we started our record label, Hive Fidelity and released 8 albums. I also created our Live at The Hive performance series and a music publishing company that co-publishes with Nettwerk called Shopping Music. 

In 2007 Jordan started a small studio in an underground all ages venue / art space called The Emergency Room. The ER was a vital part of Vancouver’s DIY music community gaining national media attention for it’s support of a burgeoning art punk community. In 2008 two Vancouver Independent record labels, (Nominal Records and Grotesque Modern), released a full length compilation album of artists who had performed or recorded at the Emergency Room entitled “Emergency Room: Volume 1.” The compilation was compared to the legendary "Vancouver Complication" compilation in a review in Maximumrocknroll. The 924 limited edition vinyl pressings also included a forward by co-founder Justin Gradin and a 20 page photo book. In 2009, after multiple break ins in it’s downtown east side location and an ever increasing turn out to it’s performances, it was time to shut down the Emergency Room. 

Shortly after, Jordan teamed up with friends who had been running FaderMaster Studios on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. He also spent a lot of time touring North America with his band, Twin Crystals.

Jordan is very proud of his involvement in both the ER and Fadermaster, and we both owe a lot to our experiences during our time with The Hive. Being intimately involved in the Vancouver music community for so long is something we feel ridiculously lucky to have been a part of.

On July 6th, 2010 we opened The Noise Floor in a heritage building in Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island, our first step in our desire to create an out-of-town recording experience. 

 In May 2013, we moved to the studio to its current location on the slice of paradise known as “The Isle of The Arts”, Gabriola Island. In a 2015 article, Vox Magazine declared “Canada’s Best Bands are Recording Music on Gabriola Island.” We absolutely agree.


Q: Why would I want to record my album on a little gulf island out of the city?

A: Well, it’s like being on a productive vacation. You get away, have some great times with your band-mates and focus your attention on creating a well crafted album. Many of our artists have commented on the peaceful setting and opportunity to get away from their day to day life to focus on music. It’s pretty magical on this wacky little island and a completely different experience from recording in the city. 

Q: How long is a typical recording session?

A: Most clients book 7 days for an average full length recording. In fact, we offer a sweet discount when booking 7 or more days. Each day is 10 hours including breaks and usually runs from 11am to 9pm. Some people choose to work really hard to get everything done in the time they are here and others take a slow approach with lots of pre-production and beach breaks. It's up to you. Please see our rates page for more info. 


Q: Do you offer accommodations?

A:  We offer the use of our cabin to out of town guests who are chill and nice! The cabin can accommodate 4 people in 2 single beds and 1 set of bunks. You do not need to bring blankets or pillows unless you would like to. The cabin is a short walk from the studio located in the back of the property. There is a band bathroom with shower and clean towels located off of the lounge and a studio kitchenette. 

If you require more privacy or have more than 5 people in your band we can offer a list of nearby accommodation options, ranging from rustic to luxurious. 

Q: Should I bring groceries? Is there somewhere I can cook?

A: There are two mini fridges available for use in the band lounge and in the studio kitchenette. The kitchenette also has one induction burner, a toaster oven and a small sink for creating simple meals.  If you don’t feel like cooking or if you prefer not to bring groceries, Gabriola has a full grocery store and quite a few good restaurants/cafes to choose from. 

Q: Do you have wifi?

A: Yup. We literally have the fastest and bestest wifi around. Go on, download, stream, gamble, whatever it is you do we won't run out of delicious internet. What we don’t have is cell service from the studio. No texting! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever else you kids are into these days. And we have a landline! Remember those? You can borrow it.

Q: Is The Noise Floor a home studio?

A:  Sort of? The studio encompasses 1000 sq feet of space that is separate, but attached to our home. The studio area has a 2 performance rooms (live room / dead room), control room, band lounge, private bathroom and kitchenette. 

Q: Are there pets there?

A: Yes! A funny little cat named Annyong lives here. Do you have allergies? Please let us know in advance as our cat has previously been found sleeping the day away in the top bunk of the band cabin.


Q: Can I bring my pet there?

A: We love, love, love animals, but sadly, no. We want your pet to be happy, and we’ve found that bringing them along can be disruptive to both them and the session. 


Q: Do you offer mastering?

A: While not the main focus of our studio, we do offer mastering services. We can deliver a vinyl pre-master, digital, CD, and cassette master ready for manufacturing.

Q: Do you record Demos?

A: Yes we do.


Q: Can I use your drums, amps, etc?

A: Yes you can. Please let us know what you’ll need ahead of your session.

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