Q: Why would I want to record my album on a little gulf island out of the city?

A: Well, it’s like being on a productive vacation. You get away, have some great times with your band-mates and focus your attention on creating a well crafted album. Many of our artists have commented on the peaceful setting and opportunity to get away from their day to day life to focus on music. It’s pretty magical on this wacky little island and a completely different experience from recording in the city. 


Q: Where exactly are you and how long does it take to get there?

Gabriola is part of the traditional territory of the Snunéymux, one of the gulf islands in the Straight of Georgia. By boat we are a few hours from Vancouver, Victoria and only 20 minutes from Nanaimo. By plane you can be on island in 12 minutes from YVR south terminal.

Q: How long is a typical recording session?

A: Most clients book 7 or more days for an average full length recording. Each day is 10 hours including breaks and usually runs from 11am to 9pm. Some people choose to work really hard to get everything done in the time they are here and others take a slow approach with lots of pre-production and beach breaks. It's up to you.

Q: Do you offer accommodations?

A:  We offer the use of our cabin to out of town guests who are chill and nice! The cabin can accommodate 4 people in 3 single beds and 1 loft. You do not need to bring blankets or pillows unless you would like to. The cabin is a short walk from the studio located in the back of the property. There is a band bathroom with shower and clean towels located off of the lounge and a studio kitchenette. 

If you require more privacy or have more than 5 people in your band we can offer a list of nearby accommodation options, ranging from rustic to luxurious. 

Q: Should I bring groceries? Is there somewhere I can cook?

A: There are two mini fridges available for use in the band lounge and in the studio kitchenette. The kitchenette also has one induction burner, a toaster oven and a small sink for creating simple meals.  If you don’t feel like cooking or if you prefer not to bring groceries, Gabriola has a full grocery store and quite a few good restaurants/cafes to choose from. 

Q: Do you have wifi?

A: Yup. We literally have the fastest and bestest wifi around. Go on, download, stream, gamble, whatever it is you do we won't run out of delicious internet. What we don’t have is cell service from the studio. No texting! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever else you kids are into these days. And we have a landline! Remember those? You can borrow it.

Q: Is The Noise Floor a home studio?

A:  Sort of? The studio encompasses over 1000 sq feet of space that is separate, but attached to our home. The studio area has a 2 performance rooms (live room / dead room), control room, band lounge, private bathroom and kitchenette. 

Q: Are there pets there?

A: Yes! A funny little cat lives here. Do you have allergies? Please let us know in advance as our cat is pretty social but is easy to keep out of your way. The studio also has air purifiers for client use in the cabin and lounge. 

Q: Can I bring my pet there?

A: We love, love, love animals, but sadly, no. We want your pet to be happy, and we’ve found that bringing them along can be disruptive to both them and the session. 

Q: Do you offer mastering?

A: While not the main focus of our studio, we do offer mastering services. We can deliver a vinyl pre-master, digital, CD, and cassette master ready for manufacturing.

Q: Do you record Demos?

A: Yes we do.

Q: Can I use your drums, amps, etc?

A: Yes you can. Please let us know what you’ll need ahead of your session.